FJ40 Rebuild

Monday, November 20, 2006



i just dropped off the frame at the body shop so the body guys could set the tub back on the frame. they have painted everything but the top and the front fenders, so i got to see the tub all finished in its new River Blue. i didnt have my camera today, but it looks awesome. i was a little nervous since i had never actually seen the color in real life (only on a little color swatch on the internet), but it looks really good. i cant wait to see it all put back together (even if only temporarily). all of the bodywork turned out great - the whole thing has never looked as good as it does now. he said he will finish up the painting this week and i can pick it up next week. i will post pictures up as soon as i get it back.

Hey Brian, do you have the color code? It looks awesome and i am ready for paint. Thanks!
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