FJ40 Rebuild

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


body work progress

Stopped by the body shop today to see the progress on the tub. They are almost done with the major body work, and I was able to snap a few pictures of the results.

Here are both floors that were replaced.
New Floors

Driver's floor board Driver's Floor

Passenger floor board Passenger Floor

I had them weld up some extra holes in the dash. Dash

The dash support was pretty rotten underneath, but since it was never seen, I told them they could skip it. Instead, they went ahead and welded in a new piece of metal to better support it. Dash Support

Driver's side rocker panel Driver's Side Rocker Panel

Passenger side rocker panel Passenger Side Rocker Panel

Both wheel wells had some metal that was bubbling up and rotten, so that was all replaced. Here is the passenger wheel well looking much better than before. Passenger Wheel Well

The rear quarter panels were the worst spot on the vehicle. The rear sill that supported them was also in bad shape. I orderd replacement panels and a new rear sill, and now they are looking much better. Rear View

Driver's rear quarter panel Driver's Side Rear Quarter Panel

Passenger rear quarter panel Passenger Side Rear Quarter Panel

After getting the floors and rear sill replaced and the wheel wells patched up, they went ahead and shot some undercoating on the underside of the tub. View From Underneath

Under the wheel well Under the Wheel Well

The underside of the new rear sill, looking tons better than it did before. Under the Rear Sill

Monday, August 14, 2006


body shop

finally...after many, many months of just sitting in the garage with zero progress, the body has been dropped off at the body shop for some much-needed rust repair. assuming the body shop guys can get the work done in a timely manner, i hope to start the final re-assembly in the next couple of months.