FJ40 Rebuild

Thursday, August 23, 2007


exhaust & first road trip

took the landcruiser to get the exhaust done the other day. it was about a 10 mile drive each way, so it was the first time the landcruiser had really been out on the road (although michaleen and i had driven it less than a mile to the chevron and back to get gas a week or so ago). ran good and drove good - i thought it would be all over the road, but it steered straight. no major issues at all - the only thing that looks like a problem is that the odometer is only counting the tenths of a mile, and the fuel gauge doesnt look like it is working - pretty minor overall. i had to tighten up a few bolts now that the suspension had had a chance to work a bit, but otherwise i think it is road ready.

here are a couple of pictures of the completed exhaust - turned out exactly like i had imagined.