FJ40 Rebuild

Monday, January 02, 2006


shifter & linkage

My dad was coming down to help get the engine started in a week or so, so I decided to do some small stuff in the meantime. Figured I would mount up the Lokar shifter since it seemed pretty straight forward. All of the shiny new parts arrived and I dove in. Lokar shifter and a few extra pieces

The install was really straight-forward and easy. The only small issue at all was the fact that the main mounting plate is usually secured to the transmission tailhousing, but with the transfer case and adapter, this was not possible. The Lokar website says not to worry about it because the front tensioning bolt makes it secure, but I might try to fabricate a mount for the rear just the same. Passenger Side View

  Driver's Side View

I had heard that getting the linkage all adjusted just right was quite a chore, but it couldnt have been easier. The shifter seems to work smoothly and goes through all of the gears just like it should with no binding. Transmission Shift Linkage

The control module is used in conjunctin with the lighted indicator display that is built into the boot ring, so you know what gear you are in. Shift Indicator Control Module

Once the transmission shifter was in, I finished up the transfer case shifter mount by bolting it to the transfer case adapter in the rear, and the transmission mount plate in the front. Transfer Case Shifter Mount

  Transfer Case Shifter Mount